Reasons to Invest in an AC with a Variable-Speed Compressor

August 8, 2022

variable-speed compressor in Naperville, IL

Homeowners throughout Naperville, IL, are installing advanced AC equipment to take advantage of energy-efficient home cooling. If you’re interested in upgrading your AC, here are some reasons to invest in a variable-speed compressor.

Superior Energy-Efficiency

Variable-speed compressors are highly efficient because they can operate at numerous speeds. They don’t have to use as much energy responding to even the slightest temperature fluctuations in your house. This means that you get outstanding cooling power without spending a fortune on energy bills. You’ll spend significantly less cooling your home than with a single-stage or two-stage system.

Better Temperature Control

If you’re looking for an AC system with precise temperature control, you must look beyond single-stage and two-stage systems. With a single-stage system, the AC is only ever on or off; there’s no in-between. Two-stage systems only run at 60-70% of their maximum capacity. This type of performance means you might notice your home heat up between cycles. With a variable-speed compressor system, your home’s temperature remains constant because the system always makes adjustments to ensure the temperature doesn’t fluctuate. The system doesn’t waste energy trying to “catch up” cooling the home, and you experience more even temperatures throughout the house.

Variable-speed compressors are designed to meet your exact cooling needs without wasting energy. However, these systems won’t perform as intended if your ductwork isn’t insulated. To reap all the benefits, you’ll need to insulate your ductwork before installing this system.

HVAC Professionals Can Help You Choose the Best Equipment

Investing in any cooling system requires careful consideration, especially advanced AC equipment. These systems cost more than the average AC, so you want to make sure you’re making the right purchase and understand any maintenance or retrofitting needs that might arise. For more information about variable-speed compressor installation or other AC services, contact the pros at Oncourse Home Solutions.

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