Indications Your AC May Be On It’s Way Out

July 3, 2022

AC replacement in Naperville, IL

The hot and humid summer weather in Naperville, IL demands a properly functioning air conditioning system. The typical AC lifespan is about 10 to 12 years, notes Energy Star. If you notice any of the following signs, your home may need an AC replacement performed by qualified professionals.

Excessive Noise

When the moving parts of your air conditioner wear out, they may begin making loud or unusual noises. Banging or clanging sounds suggest that something came loose or broke. Hissing or gurgling sounds indicate a refrigerant leak. Grinding or screeching noises often mean that the compressor motor is having an issue.

Poor Temperature Control

If parts of your home are too warm or too cold, your AC may be on its way out. Older air conditioners may leak refrigerant, or their compressors may no longer effectively pump the coolant into your home. If you’re constantly fiddling with the thermostat, an AC replacement is in your future.

Humidity Problems

In addition to cooling, AC units also remove humidity from your home’s air. Excessive humidity usually results from a clogged condensate line or rusted drain pan. If your house still feels too humid, you may need an AC replacement.

High Electricity Bills

When air conditioners get older, they lose efficiency. Your cooling system will cycle more frequently to reach the temperature setting on the thermostat. All of these cooling cycles lead to a big increase in your electricity bills, even if you haven’t turned down the thermostat.

Frequent Repairs

Aging air conditioners are prone to part failures. You might have to replace a belt one month and the expansion valve the next month. If you’re dealing with frequent repairs, this is a sign that your home needs an AC replacement.

To learn more about the signs that your air conditioning system is about to fail, take a look at Oncourse Home Solutions’ AC replacement services, or reach out to our qualified professionals today.

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